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3Novices:North Carolina home by Buildsense reuses materials from previous building on site

3Novices:Hiiragi's House is a Japanese home arranged around a courtyard and old tree

3Novices:Tom Fereday bases minimal chair on industrial factory seating

3Novices:Eat blueberries while treating cervical cancer: Study

3Novices:Foster + Partners converts landmark Hong Kong office tower into high-end hotel

3Novices:Madoc Architecture builds house with curved recess to "bookend" a London terrace

3Novices:Mirjam de Bruijn create tools to help desk workers improve their posture

3Novices:Interior design couple turn historic Williamsburg schoolhouse into light-filled home

3Novices:Aluminium strips curve through Mexico City building by Belzberg Architects

3Novices:Diébédo Francis Kéré's Serpentine Pavilion will relocate to Malaysia

3Novices:New substance may help combat tuberculosis

3Novices:New skin patch may help reduce body fat: Study

3Novices:10 homes that would make ideal venues for a New Year's Eve party

3Novices:Obiekt designs pared-back interior for C'est Beau's first store

3Novices:Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter reveals visuals of tiered copper tower for Norway

3Novices:Epilepsy drug in pregnancy ups oral cleft risk in baby: Study

3Novices:Shenzhen museum surveys design industry's development with opening exhibitions

3Novices:Keratoplasty rate improves but number of eye donations not enough

3Novices:Foomann Architects renovates Melbourne bungalow with exposed timber framework

3Novices:Apple faces $999 billion lawsuit for slowing down iPhones

3Novices:Fransje Gimbrere creates textile sculptures from natural fibres and recycled plastic

3Novices:This week's Dezeen Mail looks at the biggest stories and trends of 2017

3Novices:Wooden ceiling curves over restaurant in Austin by Michael Hsu

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3Novices:Urban-Think Tank develops low-cost housing for South African slum

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3Novices:Non-invasive brainwave tech can reduce PTSD symptoms

3Novices:New treatments for nicotine addiction in the offing

3Novices:Computer-based optical method detects early stage cervical cancer

3Novices:Your body’s built-in weighing scale may help combat obesity

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