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3Novices:Our new Pinterest board celebrates designs for coffee

3Novices:Red window frames accent angular Seattle house by Stettler Design

3Novices:Cover for new Beck album Colors is designed to be customised

3Novices:Green kitchen and wall of plants add character to low-budget apartment in Ukraine

3Novices:Glass wall separates kitchen and bathroom in renovated Jaffa apartment

3Novices:Villa SG21 is a monolithic blackened-wood house topped with a turfed roof

3Novices:This week, Bjarke Ingels and Elon Musk proposed space technology for Earth

3Novices:Reusing oil to fry food increases trans fats, causes heart diseases

3Novices:Atelier Barda renovates Montreal apartment with minimalist finishes and custom furniture

3Novices:Diet diary: Colloidal silver and its presence in Ayurvedic medicine

3Novices:MoMA's Items: Is Fashion Modern? exhibition delves into history of iconic apparel

3Novices:Competition: win a book full of architecture projects by HUUM

3Novices:Durban heritage museum scoops top prize in inaugural Africa Architecture Awards

3Novices:English seaside towns will transform "like Brooklyn" says artist Bob and Roberta Smith

3Novices:New images show Renzo Piano's Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in LA

3Novices:Architects take to Twitter to celebrate "long overdue" RIBA Royal Gold Medal for Neave Brown

3Novices:10 homes that have been created within unusual buildings

3Novices:Five key projects by 2018 Royal Gold Medallist Neave Brown

3Novices:Elon Musk proposes rockets that will offer transport to anywhere on Earth in under an hour

3Novices:Five of the best architecture jobs available in China

3Novices:Demand for overseas architects booms in China's "open and free climate"

3Novices:Caruso St John will create Brexit-themed exhibition to represent UK at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

3Novices:Competition: win a book exploring the revival of urban ceramics

3Novices:Scientists reveal why Zika virus causes microcephaly

3Novices:World Heart Day 2017: How to keep your heart healthy as you age

3Novices:Jamie Fobert sinks Tate St Ives extension into Cornish cliff facing the Atlantic Sea

3Novices:Rio Kobayashi bases colourful furniture on traditional game Mikado

3Novices:World Heart Day 2017: Why is it observed – importance and significance

3Novices:Artek and Bless present fur-covered and marble furniture at Chicago Architecture Biennial

3Novices:Emma King rewrites George Orwell's 1984 using Donald Trump's tweets

3Novices:V&A "to step in and do something" about fall in UK students studying design and technology

3Novices:Bjarke Ingels proposes Mars simulation city for Dubai in race for space colonisation

3Novices:Architects and designers invited to reimagine a shopping centre as a "winter wonderland outlet"

3Novices:Dezeen Mail includes a proposed home made up of angled shipping containers

3Novices:Plans unveiled for London’s first purpose-built design district

3Novices:Brexit could throw "spanner in the works" for expat designers wanting to return to UK

3Novices:EasyJet to fly battery-powered planes within the next decade

3Novices:Know the signs of heart failure

3Novices:Coffee may not help relieve Parkinson’s symptoms, says report

3Novices:"Pioneer of quality public housing" Neave Brown named 2018 laureate of RIBA Royal Gold Medal

3Novices:Older siblings may up risk of flu among babies

3Novices:Rapid low-cost test for Zika, dengue developed

3Novices:Mirrored ceilings reflect surroundings along walkway installed at Australian university campus

3Novices:Nike's connected NBA jerseys update fans with news about their favourite teams

3Novices:Dutch Design Week pavilion will feature recycled plastic shingles and borrowed materials

3Novices:J Mayer H champions beige buildings with Cosmic Latte manifesto

3Novices:Robin Hood Gardens tops Twentieth Century Society's list of lost architectural treasures

3Novices:Financial pressures on schools and EBacc drive arts exam entries to lowest level in a decade

3Novices:Stefan Sagmeister offers up his Instagram account as a design clinic

3Novices:Archtober brings month-long architecture celebration to New York City

3Novices:Swedish rail company swaps paper tickets for embedded microchips

3Novices:Omar Gandhi creates low-lying home along rugged Nova Scotia coastline

3Novices:Philippe Malouin combines patterned fabric and rounded forms to create seating range for SCP

3Novices:Dyson set to launch electric car in 2020

3Novices:Mikhail Riches unveils plans for phase two of Park Hill estate regeneration

3Novices:Simon Waterfall named creative director of Airbnb's new design and innovation studio

3Novices:Dote uses recycled materials to create range of minimal accessories for cats

3Novices:Carmody Groarke's V&A Members' Room combines heritage references with contemporary details

3Novices:Slatted timber doors unfold along house in Uruguay by Masa Arquitectos

3Novices:New Affiliates renovates Bed-Stuy Loft with plywood mezzanine and rough materials

3Novices:"Architecture as intellectual inquiry needs to take more risks"

3Novices:"Copying a natural form is the lowest degree of architectural thinking"

3Novices:Grenfell tragedy shows "architectural intervention must not be limited to facades" says Ole Scheeren

3Novices:Splayed shipping containers form Joshua Tree Residence conceived by James Whitaker

3Novices:PriestmanGoode unveils Hyperloop passenger cabins that are "more spaceship than train"

3Novices:Zaha Hadid Architects reveals plans for second Melbourne tower

3Novices:"Let's save some of the Whitechapel Fatberg"

3Novices:Saudi Design Week 2017 will explore the theme of "design in motion"

3Novices:Philippe Malouin's Press mirror is made from a single metal tube

3Novices:Cruciform pavilion by Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter references historic Copenhagen garden

3Novices:Cancer: Hair loss, disfigurement, abandonment take toll on women

3Novices:Raw Edges creates concrete armchairs for Greenwich Peninsula

3Novices:Amid series of surgeries, doctors link hip damage to various supplements

3Novices:Lobbying platform for UK fashion industry launches to influence Brexit negotiations

3Novices:British designers reimagine Kartell's iconic Componibili storage unit

3Novices:Apple store was proposed for Garden Bridge in return for sponsorship

3Novices:Top five architecture and design jobs this week include Universal Design Studio and OMA

3Novices:Cornell Tech campus opens on New York's Roosevelt Island

3Novices:Design Week Mexico postponed in wake of deadly earthquake

3Novices:David Miller Architects wins award for best architect's website

3Novices:Thomas Heatherwick to transform London's Olympia into "world-leading" cultural hub

3Novices:Arik Levy creates sculptural kitchen using "unbreakable and unscratchable" material

3Novices:Call for entries to YAC's Pinocchio Children's Library competition

3Novices:Büros für Konstruktivismus turns a chicken coop in Berlin into an artist's studio

3Novices:QWSTION teams up with ECAL students to explore new ways of carrying

3Novices:Hearth Architects designs family house in Shiga with tree-planted atrium

3Novices:BleepBleeps launches smart musical toothbrush that tracks brushing habits

3Novices:Alvar Aalto inspired the orange blockwork fireplace in Notan Office's Brussels roof extension

3Novices:13 Ways with Water exhibition explores "the world's most abundant material"

3Novices:Narrow windows allow daylight into terrazzo-covered house in Ho Chi Minh City

3Novices:Ole Scheeren plans to radically transform Frankfurt office block into Jenga-like apartment tower

3Novices:Our new Pinterest board showcases the best of London Design Festival 2017

3Novices:Grey peristyle supports Guadalajara residence by Santoscreativos

3Novices:Minimal Japanese flower shop by Sides Core features a curved black climbing frame for plants

3Novices:An ancient monastery wall slices through this Utrecht house extension

3Novices:Otl Aicher exhibition shows how the modernist designer created a new identity for a small German town

3Novices:Baitasi House of the Future features moving walls controlled by a smart TV

3Novices:5 things you must know about Ileana D’Cruz’s battle with body dysmorphic disorder

3Novices:This week, Paris unveiled plans for the 2024 Olympics

3Novices:Matteo Cibic envisions plants of the future for London Design Festival exhibition

3Novices:Atelier Pierre Thibault expands historic Montreal home to create writer's studio

3Novices:Slices of timber align to form roof of outdoor classroom near Moscow

3Novices:Diet Diary: The harmful effects of Glyphosate residue in food items

3Novices:Young people "don’t need a creative industries degree to work in the creative industries" says Peter Bazalgette

3Novices:Andersson-Wise's Tower House provides cabin with extra lakefront accommodation

3Novices:10 residential spaces designed for reading books in

3Novices:Creative careers seen as "worse than drug dealing or prostitution" says Peter Bazalgette

3Novices:Eight of the best new furniture and lighting designs from this year's London Design Festival

3Novices:Five of the best houses in Tennessee on Dezeen

3Novices:Lund Hagem installs Y-shaped cabin on a hilltop overlooking Norwegian ski resort

3Novices:Thomas Heatherwick: "There was a real worry about whether we could get people to come inside"

3Novices:INDEX reveals this year's five best life-improving designs

3Novices:Zuza Mengham encases British lichens within Jesmonite sculptures

3Novices:Living spaces open out to Lake Austin at residence by A Parallel

3Novices:Fogo Island Shop uses "nutrition labelling" to reveal true cost of making its furniture

3Novices:Jun Igarashi Architects uses loophole in Japanese planning to equip Hokkaido house for snowy winters

3Novices:Architect builds his own studio at the end of Toronto garden

3Novices:Latest Dezeen Mail features mycelium furniture and Heatherwick's Zeitz MOCAA

3Novices:Navratri 2017 Special: Five fasting tips for a healthier you

3Novices:Central Saint Martins students envision Renault's "car of the future"

3Novices:VIDEO: This 7-year-old girl’s HEART comes out of her chest EVERY TIME she laughs or coughs

3Novices:Living spaces open out to Lake Austin at residence by A Parallel

3Novices:Dezeen's favourite Spring Summer 2018 collections at London Fashion Week

3Novices:Pop art informs floor tile collaboration between Mirage and Studio Job

3Novices:Eating nuts can stave off obesity risk

3Novices:STPMJ layers different concrete mixes to form striped walls at Stratum House

3Novices:Instagrammers capture Jean Nouvel's National Museum of Qatar as it nears completion

3Novices:Tate's survey takes in three decades of sculpture by Rachel Whiteread

3Novices:Competition: win a Braun and Dezeen limited-edition BN0031 watch

3Novices:Universal Design Studio builds daydreaming hub for Shoreditch workers

3Novices:Another Country's latest furniture range is designed to be passed down through the family

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