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3Novices:Happy new year from Dezeen

3Novices:SOM unveils trio of towers for Downtown Los Angeles

3Novices:Studio Bazi's tiny self-designed home features a wooden "sleeping box"

3Novices:10 of the best bar interiors from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

3Novices:Sustainable see-through speaker by People People alerts user when parts need replacing

3Novices:Dezeen's 10 buildings to look forward to in 2017

3Novices:David Adjaye receives knighthood in New Year's Honours 2017

3Novices:Fala Atelier uses new curving wall to reorganise Lisbon flat

3Novices:Old Copenhagen iron factory transformed into independent brewery by To Øl

3Novices:Diet diary: The morning after — tackling the holiday hangover

3Novices:Self-built Austin home by Sean Guess is clad in hide-like cement panels

3Novices:Blank Studio proposes fibre canopies for sun-drenched Arizona streets

3Novices:Wolveridge Architects builds Courtyard Cottage on Australia's scenic Mornington Peninsula

3Novices:Anish Kapoor flaunts use of "world's pinkest pink" despite personal ban from its creator

3Novices:World’s highest bridge opens to traffic in southwest China

3Novices:Amazon files patent for flying warehouses filled with drones

3Novices:Pitsou Kedem designs dark brass lattice wall for Tel Aviv apartment

3Novices:New styles added to Dezeen Watch Store's end-of-season sale

3Novices:Even low levels of manganese can cause manganism: Study

3Novices:Indian researchers show how brain responds to trauma

3Novices:Zoe Robertson's oversized flockOmania creations meld jewellery with performance

3Novices:Fighting diabetes through yoga, AYUSH activities focus in 2016

3Novices:Hans Verstuyft converts 1960s Antwerp office into minimal penthouse

3Novices:Historic Toronto home gets contemporary update by Post Architecture

3Novices:Ubalt Architectes creates compositions with custom furniture in minimalist Paris flat

3Novices:This week's Dezeen Mail takes a look back at the biggest stories and trends of 2016

3Novices:Community-based therapy may alleviate depression, anxiety

3Novices:New Year's resolutions for architecture and design in 2017

3Novices:Painting strokes may help predict Alzheimer’s risk: Study

3Novices:The Climate Tile by Tredje Natur aims to stop cities flooding

3Novices:CIAO adds space-saving custom furniture to London micro apartment

3Novices:Universal Favourite produces colourful chocolates from 3D-printed moulds

3Novices:Carney Logan Burke uses rammed earth to build home-office extension

3Novices:Fish Creek residence by Dynia captures views of Wyoming mountains

3Novices:Studio Job creates table based on a car crash

3Novices:Malcolm Davis creates off-grid retreat in California wine valley

3Novices:Esrawe Studio turns ceramic shapes inside-out to create Fold vessel series

3Novices:Rust Architects divides Tel Aviv apartment into halves

3Novices:5 health benefits of Black Chickpeas

3Novices:Swirling brick circles form back garden for South London Gallery

3Novices:Andy Martin creates candy-coloured resin tables that "challenge visual perception"

3Novices:Sliding polycarbonate panels open up facade of Barcelona house by H Arquitectes

3Novices:Kyoto cheese tart shop by Yusuke Seki features counter made of Lego

3Novices:Li Hao uses mirrored glass and bamboo for reflective pavilion in southern China

3Novices:Richard Hutten designs stackable clover-shaped stools

3Novices:Lumo Arkitektur adds glass and log volumes to Nøjkærhus Culture House

3Novices:Over 200-year-old tumour diagnosis confirmed

3Novices:David Nossiter Architects transforms brick barn in Suffolk into spacious home

3Novices:Scientists use stem cells to restore testosterone

3Novices:Frida Escobedo designs Aesop stores for Tampa and Coconut Grove in Florida

3Novices:Research shows synthetic stem cells could improve therapy

3Novices:Lindsey Adelman's Catch lights ooze over brass bases

3Novices:Decoded: Why music has a profound effect on our moods, emotions

3Novices:Claw Toes sign of underlying diabetes, says doctors

3Novices:NP2F Architectes squeezes football and tennis courts onto narrow Paris site

3Novices:Derelict Mexico City home becomes mixed-use venue thanks to steel and concrete intervention

3Novices:HAO Design rearranges Taiwanese home to put emphasis on the garden

3Novices:Heima's Mudu mirror is designed to be seen from all sides

3Novices:Glass doors open onto decked terraces at Taiwanese house renovated by Soar Design Studio

3Novices:Electricity-free Egloo heater uses only candle power to warm a room

3Novices:Dezeen's new Pinterest board features wintery landscapes and snow-capped houses

3Novices:Intersticial Arquitectura renovates 1980s industrial building to create home and studio in Mexico

3Novices:New York: First detection of bird flu spread from cat to human

3Novices:Merry Christmas from Dezeen

3Novices:Dezeen's top 10 biggest architecture and design stories of 2016

3Novices:Six alternative Christmas trees to get you in the festive spirit

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