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3Novices:Amble through spectacular walkways on Dezeen's new Pinterest board

3Novices:Studioninedots carves out an atrium inside overhauled 1970s office building

3Novices:Casa No Muro is a treehouse built on a wall instead of in a tree

3Novices:Studio Ramoprimo creates chevron-patterned brick walls inside Beijing wine bar

3Novices:Studies say Maharashtrians at highest risk of developing diabetes

3Novices:Doshi Levien and Naoto Fukasawa design furniture for B&B Italia's 50th anniversary

3Novices:Guy Hollaway Architects completes seaside houses reminiscent of British beach huts

3Novices:Here’s what sitting for long hours can do to your health

3Novices:Depressed? Exercise can help but then again, it depends on your genes

3Novices:This week, Stella McCartney unveiled kits for Rio 2016 and a new logo was chosen for Tokyo 2020

3Novices:Too much red meat in diet can increase your body’s biological age

3Novices:Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven's Hue mirrors feature gradients of colour

3Novices:A449 converts Scottish cottage into writer's home with scorched larch cladding

3Novices:Architecture could finally break out in San Francisco, where "dreams go to die"

3Novices:BIG designs modular Alphabet of Light for Artemide

3Novices:US job of the week: designer/architect at Design, Bitches

3Novices:My Curious Case: Genital tract reconstruction saves 13-year-old from sterility

3Novices:Diet diary: Haemoglobin not always indicator of iron levels

3Novices:"Designers cannot just stand by and watch as the refugee crisis unfolds"

3Novices:Competition: win a hand-cast Herringbone vase by Phil Cuttance

3Novices:ARM Architecture wins 2016 Gold Medal from the Australian Institute of Architects

3Novices:Normann Copenhagen to launch Daily Fiction range of accessories and stationery

3Novices:Work at Dezeen!

3Novices:MVRDV and COBE complete Roskilde rock museum dressed with golden studs

3Novices:AIA cancels North Carolina conference over anti-LGBT law

3Novices:Lindsey Adelman creates quivering tree-like lighting installation for Nike

3Novices:Job of the week: brand architect at Nike Europe

3Novices:Good friends can boost your pain tolerance: Study

3Novices:A ray of hope: Single antibody infusions found promising against HIV

3Novices:Domed greenhouses form heart of botanic garden design by Delugan Meissl

3Novices:Odd Matter Studio's Jesmonite and copper Node lights are modelled on circuit diagrams

3Novices:Toyo Ito creates fluted walls of white concrete at Museo Internacional del Barroco

3Novices:Sinuous treetop walkway by Glenn Howells Architects opens at Britain's national arboretum

3Novices:SFMOMA reopens with Snøhetta extension that triples its gallery space

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