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3Novices:Neon constructs a colourful cathedral in France that moves with the wind

3Novices:Anmahian Winton's zinc-clad observatory enables stargazing from a New Hampshire mountain

3Novices:New iPhone likely to feature facial recognition and an all-screen design

3Novices:Tesla unveils "first mass-market electric vehicle" the Model 3

3Novices:43% elderly in India face psychological problems: Study

3Novices:Yikes! Blowing out birthday candles ups bacteria on cake by 1,400%

3Novices:Massage your way to healthy body after baby

3Novices:ThoughtMatter redesigns US constitution to "shine a light" on American democracy

3Novices:More Kerala mothers breastfeed baby within one hour: Survey

3Novices:Tretow designs snaking interior for Commonplace design store in Milwaukee

3Novices:Lot-Ek uses shipping containers to overhaul Brooklyn carriage house

3Novices:Eating disorders among men in UK raised up by 70%

3Novices:Alex Chinneck creates giant rip in the brick facade of a London building

3Novices:Cohta Asano builds his new Fukushima home as a cluster of nine cuboids

3Novices:Grace Quah's Bartlett graduation project is a feminist film featuring homes that perform domestic chores

3Novices:Tamar Canfi designs frames that "exaggerate and celebrate" thick lenses

3Novices:Zrobym Architects' summer house combines references to Scandinavian and Belarusian architecture

3Novices:Pocket-sized Ally device tests for food allergens in restaurant meals

3Novices:Plywood-lined bedrooms feature in London loft conversion by Widger Architecture

3Novices:Balloons replace nails and screws for Inflate collection of children's furniture

3Novices:Bartlett student Damien Assini suggests replacing HS2 railway with zero-carbon towns

3Novices:Mayku shrinks the vacuum former to a desktop-friendly size with FormBox

3Novices:Playing musical instrument may boost brain’s audio-motor connect

3Novices:Drinking 3-4 times a week may keep diabetes at bay: Research

3Novices:Feel optimistic about the future with our updated graduate design Pinterest board

3Novices:Japanese house by Kouichi Kimura includes white-tiled courtyard for yoga

3Novices:JSa converts Mexico City house into new home for one of the world's top restaurants

3Novices:Interrobang fills its office with custom plywood furniture painted the colours of insulating foam

3Novices:Keep those germs away: Six easy steps to hand hygiene

3Novices:Here’s why you should drink green tea

3Novices:The Cass students design nipple- and headscarf-shaped pasta for Carluccio's

3Novices:LAMAS builds contemporary Canadian farmhouse with reclaimed timber walls

3Novices:This week, Sirius was saved and a controversial ring sculpture was halted

3Novices:Tomas Kral designs parrot-inspired glassware for Nude

3Novices:Sea Bright House by Jeff Jordan Architects overlooks the Jersey Shore

3Novices:Diet diary: Dates, the candy from trees

3Novices:Family New York designs Brooklyn record and clothing store ample "Instagram moments"

3Novices:World's skinniest skyscraper stalls at 20 storeys tall

3Novices:Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017 invites press and professionals to register for preview days

3Novices:Dover Street Market set to open in Singapore

3Novices:Fire safety test shows Grenfell Tower's cladding system was "an absolute failure"

3Novices:Jony Ive on Apple Park: "It's nice, though, isn't it?"

3Novices:10 countryside cabins with interiors that reflect their remote locations

3Novices:Latest Rolls-Royce Phantom incorporates an art gallery in its dashboard

3Novices:"You could imagine Theresa May looking with profound sympathy at Britlins"

3Novices:Poor sleep may make you fat, raise diabetes risk

3Novices:83% parents believe almonds are best snack for kids

3Novices:Plans put on hold for "deeply offensive" Iron Ring sculpture at Wales' Flint Castle

3Novices:Lack of Vitamin E may affect learning skills in babies

3Novices:Moderate alcohol consumption cuts diabetes risk: Study

3Novices:Cooke Fawcett's rooftop observatory gives views of London's skyline from above a Peckham car park

3Novices:HÛT creates mobile plywood gin trolley to serve its architecture office

3Novices:Job of the day: architect manager for Stella McCartney

3Novices:World Hepatitis Day 2017: Hepatitis B can cause infertility in males

3Novices:Biasol borrows "evocative earthiness" of Middle Eastern architecture for Melbourne restaurant

3Novices:Courtyard provides focal point for Seattle home by MW Works

3Novices:Concrete ribs cradle brickwork walls at Bloco Arquitetos' Brasília residence

3Novices:Talking to yourself may help control emotions

3Novices:Lucknow’s 90% people suffer from protein deficiency

3Novices:PETA awards IKEA, Habitat and Heal's for vegan design

3Novices:Latest Dezeen Mail features Jim Olson's revamped cabin and Philippe Starck's Olympic medals

3Novices:V&A names Christopher Turner as new head of design, architecture and digital collections

3Novices:MNMA Studio gives São Paulo fashion store a stark makeover

3Novices:Architects can help to manage gentrification caused by projects like the High Line, says Liz Diller

3Novices:Going out in the sun? Try this new DNA sunscreen that protects skin better

3Novices:Do you know how calcium and cholesterol are connected?

3Novices:Nixie Girl designed to make menstrual cup more accessible for teenagers

3Novices:Jasper Morrison creates house-like layout for Tokyo's Good Design Store

3Novices:From diet chivda to muesli: Stay healthy with different types of diet food

3Novices:Photographer Paul Raftery captures the "crazy array of architecture" in Expo 2017 host city Astana

3Novices:Shore House by Leroy Street Studio overlooks a Long Island bay

3Novices:UK to ban sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040

3Novices:India will ban self-driving cars to protect jobs

3Novices:Five design-centric eateries to dine at during NYC Restaurant Week 2017

3Novices:Wilsonart adds neutral tones and textures to its Solicor Laminate surfaces

3Novices:No kidding, your baby’s ‘poop’ could reveal their IQ level!

3Novices:Bestor Architecture creates Malibu beach home for Beastie Boys rapper

3Novices:Eating walnuts may boost gut health, cut cancer risk

3Novices:Controversial Iron Ring set to be submerged in landscape beside a Welsh castle

3Novices:Revamped London house features white surfaces and concrete details that match a brutalist neighbour

3Novices:Adobe Research team proposes more playful way to mix colours digitally

3Novices:Job of the day: marketing director at Studio Gang Architects

3Novices:Tsuruta Architects designs staircase in London house from thousands of plywood pieces

3Novices:DCPP arranges dark-walled Mexico City house around two courtyards

3Novices:Met Breuer exhibition contextualises Ettore Sottsass' colourful designs

3Novices:Engineers propose solution for San Francisco's sinking Millennium Tower

3Novices:Jeff Jordan adds light and storage to Jersey City home using pine interiors

3Novices:"Unregulated scientific innovation on an isolated island? Sounds like a very bad thing"

3Novices:US tech company offers to turn employees into cyborgs with microchip implants

3Novices:Competition: win a book exploring the simplicity and functionality of Nordic design

3Novices:Henry Dreyfuss Associates' classic Humanscale design manuals to be reissued

3Novices:Alcohol can boost memory, says study

3Novices:Use turmeric for anti-aging, healing and exfoliate blackheads

3Novices:Architects must work harder "to put new ideas on the table" says Liz Diller

3Novices:Philippe Starck's Paris 2024 Olympic medals are designed to be shared

3Novices:Recalling violent incidents may hamper memory, cognitive skills : Study

3Novices:Smoking may increase sensitivity to social stress: Study

3Novices:Sydney's Sirius building saved from demolition in "triumph for brutalism"

3Novices:V&A Dundee launches initiative to promote Scottish design

3Novices:British seaside pier gets 21st century update by dRMM

3Novices:Scroll ring by RCA graduate Nat Martin lets users easily interact with augmented reality

3Novices:Job of the day: interior architect at AL_A

3Novices:Studio Schicketanz creates California home with glass and textured stone walls

3Novices:Ring-shaped concourse proposed for major renovation of Los Angeles' Union Station

3Novices:UK moves to regulate drones with registration scheme and safety tests

3Novices:Boutique hotel in Cabo offers design store, food carts and mezcal bar

3Novices:"Don't spend money you don't have" and "don't be afraid to be an asshole," architects advise

3Novices:Jim Olson expands tiny cabin he built 60 years ago in rural Washington

3Novices:LG Display seeks designers and architects to collaborate on OLED lighting products

3Novices:Neuroticism may be linked with long life: Study

3Novices:Keep hazardous dietary supplements, energy drinks at bay : Research

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