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3Novices:Love & Robots' Windswept jewellery captures the movement of air into metal

3Novices:Cancer treatment centre in California designed by Yazdani Studio to feel like a spa

3Novices:Economic crisis made Spanish architecture more radical, says Biennale pavilion curator

3Novices:UK creatives reject Brexit, according to poll

3Novices:Armadillo Vault is a pioneering stone structure that supports itself without any glue

3Novices:"Peter Zumthor is wrong. The future of architecture isn't handmade"

3Novices:Inaugural Ventura New York launches with 14 projects from Dutch designers

3Novices:Kunlé Adeyemi docks Makoko Floating School at the Venice Biennale

3Novices:Bertjan Pot weaves shoelaces around inner tubes to create inflatable seats for Nike

3Novices:Wenink Holtkamp Architecten transforms old Dutch grain silo into street-food market

3Novices:Janne Kyttanen to launch companies "at the same speed as designing products"

3Novices:Dezeen Jobs: latest jobs update

3Novices:Premature babies may suffer from osteoporosis during adulthood

3Novices:Keeping it hush-hush: ICU to reduce noise level

3Novices:Max Lamb's rubberised furniture provides seating for migration-focused Albanian Pavilion

3Novices:Crosby Studios designs furniture collection with architectural arches

3Novices:Mumbai paper clip: ‘Parents more likely to seek help for mental health problems in male child than female’

3Novices:Balconies and full-storey windows added to villa in a former Dutch museum

3Novices:Studio EO's Indefinite Vases pair melting glass with cut stone bases

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