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3Novices:Mika Tolvanen designs minimal umbrella stand for NakNak

3Novices:Studio Razavi inserts sculptural furniture block into 19th-century Parisian apartment

3Novices:Chicago installs "fitness tracker for the city" to improve infrastructure and residents' health

3Novices:Luxury campsite in Antarctica offers tiny domed pods for sleeping and dining

3Novices:Beams of daylight "streak across the walls" at Bing Thom's aquatics centre in British Columbia

3Novices:Psychopaths feel fear but face trouble in responding: Study

3Novices:Boeing 747 designer Joe Sutter dies

3Novices:Drop in number of UK children studying creative subjects could trigger skills shortage

3Novices:Renzo Piano to lead recovery plan following Italian earthquake

3Novices:Is childhood antibiotic use linked to obesity in later ages?

3Novices:How to avoid getting infected by the chikungunya virus

3Novices:Seven of the most effective Minimalist rebrands

3Novices:Five of the best houses in Rhode Island on Dezeen

3Novices:Wooden boxes define rooms and mezzanines in Loft House by CAPD

3Novices:Early bed time may be warning sign for heart problems in men: study

3Novices:Welton Becket's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion stars in Kenzo perfume advert

3Novices:Bruno Lucas Dias adds timber skeleton to Portuguese accessories boutique

3Novices:Students create Night Train party pavilion for former brewery in Latvia

3Novices:Designs of the Year 2016 nominees announced

3Novices:David Adjaye's NMAAHC gets set to open in Washington DC

3Novices:Lloyd Architects builds community-oriented farmhouse in Utah

3Novices:Alexandre Chapelin designs resin tables to look like the ocean

3Novices:Zaha Hadid's 2007 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion put up for sale at Chatsworth House

3Novices:"It looks like a mess from a distance until you see how perfectly it is executed"

3Novices:Londoners demand skyscraper height restrictions

3Novices:Eating shark products may increase Alzheimer’s risk

3Novices:Lack of key enzyme may cause alcohol dependence: Study

3Novices:Artificial intelligence accelerates breast cancer risk prediction

3Novices:Patients operated on at night twice more likely to die: Study

3Novices:Patients operated on at night twice more likely to die: study

3Novices:DIGSAU uses reclaimed barn wood to clad modern home in Delaware

3Novices:This woman is absolutely happy after gaining weight and is motivating women to love their body

3Novices:DUS Architects builds 3D-printed micro home in Amsterdam

3Novices:Tapeworm drug may treat Zika infection: study

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